What’s So Great About Crochet?

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Kathryn Vercillo has found – and written about – the benefits of crochet in her life.  You’ve read about her on this blog. Her book about how crochet saved her life has proven to be very popular.  Now Kathryn has another project to show others how to use crochet to work for positive change in their lives.

On her blog, you’ll read about the project, her plans, and how she will fund it.  Okay, she’s asking for contributions and I’ll freely admit that I contributed a few bucks.  I think Kathryn has touched on the very essence of all that’s best in crochet.  It is creative.  It is calming.  It is centering. It’s meditative.  It’s a peaceful, artistic endeavor that benefits both the crocheter and the recipient of the works of our hands.  Can you tell I’m passionate about this?

In my own experience working with teens in substance abuse recovery, I taught many of them to crochet.  Everyone one of them (mostly boys) learned quickly and were almost immediately calmed in a situation that was formerly chaotic.  If this simple craft has that much impact, we truly need to spread the word.

I hope you’ll consider contributing a bit to Kathryn’s fundraising so she can get the project off the ground.  There are many people out there who will be happy you did.  They don’t yet know who they are – but they’re all out there, waiting for someone to show them the way.  Kathryn is willing to spearhead this effort.  I say kudos to her!


  1. says

    Why was January ended so abruptly? I don’t understand! And as to this topic: I’m not going to contribute to this person’s funds-I have to take care of myself and the charities I care about first! Sorry….

  2. Cheryl says

    I’m reading Kathryn Vercillo’s book, and must say it’s wonderful. She is a skilled writer and
    may her message reach many people.

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