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Your Significant Other has ever said about your crochet?  Did your husband tell you that the cap you made him was snuggly warm on a cold morning?  Did your wife tell  you that the scarf you made her was the perfect color>  Did your boyfriend tell all his friends hat that they should have a girlfriend who could crochet wool socks?  Did your girlfriend call her mom to rave about the mittens you made her?

My husband has always applauded my creative endeavors.  When I began crocheting about 15 years ago, he would seek out yarn for me at the thrift stores we loved to haunt.  After about a year of my observing my developing crochet ‘talent’ he said something stunning to me.  He wanted me to crochet 9 baby afghans!  Why, I asked?  He said so that if I stopped crocheting (as I had pretty much done with quilting), I’d be sure to have enough baby afghans for all our future grandchildren!  At the time, we had 3 pretty much grown – but unmarried – children with no prospects of spouses or babies on the horizon.  But, of course, seeing that he was serious and that this was a huge complement from him about my crochet, I agreed to create and stash those baby afghans.  Along the way, I’ve crocheted a lot of other things.  Our kids are still single and we are still without grandchildren, but the afghans are covered!

So, what has that wonderful person in your life had to say about your crochet that has warmed your heart, encouraged your creativity, or spurred you on?  I think we all need to share those good feelings – and I’d love to hear all your stories.  Please use the Comments Section below to enter your story.  And, thanks in advance!

Note:  The afghan pictured above is an example of those in my stash.  This particular one was written about here .


  1. leebeloola says

    I spent a few months crocheting a huge blanket during which my partner didn’t have much to say about it. He was supportive but I don’t think he understood just how big this was for me seeing as I had only just learned crochet.
    When I finished it he said he was proud of me. And every winter we get it out to snuggle under while watching tv. It is now his preferred winter blanket. He even washed it in the bath once without me asking him to. He spent hours washing it and wringing it dry in sections while drawing it over the sink waiting for it to dry. Next year we washed it at a drycleaners. :-)

  2. says

    This is a great thing to share! My husband is always telling me that I should sell what I make :) And my daughter has taken to jumping up and down (literally!) and then carting her item around or days on end :) It feels good to know my work is being appreciated by them!

  3. says

    My husband always tells me my projects are “neat” or “look really good.” But the best support he has shown is to bring me back random bags of yarn from the thrift store :)

  4. tintocktap says

    That’s really sweet of your husband and a lovely thing to share! I’m very jealous now – my husband has nothing good to say about anything I make, even when I got a design published in Inside Crochet last year. My mum too thinks a waste unless I’m making money from making things (which I don’t have time to work on). My kids tho love everything I make and are always thrilled to see any new amigurumis I make!

  5. says

    I only recently began to crochet again. I am a new grandma and my kids are expecting a second. I decided to take it up again to make my second grand a baby blanket. While doing that I came across a “bunny beanie” to make for my (1st) grand daughter. My son usually finds my “fun” accessories to be eccentric (to put it nicely…lol. Mommy kinda enjoys embarrassing her baby, shhhh, don’t tell him…lol)But when I gave it to hear for Easter, well, it wasn’t so much what he said to me but what he said to others. Everywhere we went ppl commented on the hat and where he might normally just let it slide, this time he would tell everyone that I made the hat. And I swear I heard a bit of pride and a touch of pleasure in his voice. It was a beautiful day for me!!!

  6. Ann says

    The best complement any of my crochet has received was by a young lady of age 5 of 6. She had just received some crocheted Barbie dresses from Aunt Ann. She was on the phone with a friend, and I overheard her telling the friend “and one dress is covered with diamonds. They aren’t real diamonds, but pretend ones. This is the prettiest dress my Barbie has ever had.” I’ve gotten back into the Barbie clothes, due to having 4 great-nieces to supply with wonderful clothing.

  7. Barb (Busha) says

    Recently my niece told me that she still has every blanket I’ve made for her 6 kids, including the oldest, who is now 20.

  8. Karen says

    How about someone you never met and were told later what was said?
    I made a king size afghan for our bed when we were first married. It turned out lovely and I hated it. Too hot, too heavy and too big for my washer.
    Mom asked if she could have it. Of course! Otherwise I was going to rip it and re-use the yarn.
    Mom quickly decided it was too hot, too heavy and too big for her washer.
    She asked if she could give it to an elderly woman in her church who complained how cold her apartment was. Of course!
    She covered her old couch with it and would pull it over her when she napped.
    When she passed away the church group gathered to help her out-of-town daughter sort through her mother’s things.
    A woman asked if it was going in the DAV pile could she please have it.
    Her daughter replied “Oh heavens no! Mom told me about her beautiful afghan and how much she loved it. It’s going home with me.”
    I felt good to know my “TOO” afghan had been “Just Right” for someone else.

  9. says

    What a neat post!! My “fairy god-daughter” Laurie Anne apparently thinks I can crochet anything! I remember one afternoon last Fall, she came bursting in here with the flimsiest thin scarf I ever saw. Knowing her, I was afraid to ask what she paid for it:) But anyway she was all excited to show it to me, saying “I saw this thing and I said, ‘I know Sheila can crochet me something better than this!’ And oh by the way, she needed it in gray and pink to match her new coat!!

    Inspired by her faith in me, I designed a scarf for Laurie. We live here in Omaha, Nebraska and have horrid winters, so she wanted it super-warm. I picked out two yarns to make it with, gray and pink held together. I wish I had taken a picture of her face when she saw it, as she was completely thrilled. I think it was one of the most gratifying things I ever made. I actually ended up making 5 or 6 more for Christmas gifts.

    Oh – you can get my free pattern for it at http://www.squidoo.com/mobiusscarf .

  10. Melissa Boykin says

    My husband helps me pick out the patterns and yarns for my projects. He is constantly telling me I should sell everything I make. I keep him telling him I’m a novice and can’t. My son who will be 6 this summer always asks to see how much I’ve done while he was gone at school and then wants to know when I’ll be done. He loves watching me start and at the end of a project always tells me how beautiful work I did. It is very nice to have great feedback from my husband and his help. My son is nice too but not the same support as my husband.

  11. lee ann beausejour says

    My husband has neuropathy in his feet due to diabetes and they are always cold. We have tried every type of slipper out there and he finds them very uncomfortable to sleep in. So, out came my measuring tape, pencil and crochet hook. It took several tries, but I have designed a pair of slippers that he puts on every night and doesn’t take off until he puts on his socks the next day! He literally wears holes into them!! I haven’t figured out how to make the bottom parts last longer since what he likes about them is their warmth and flexibilty! And they stay on, and they are warm. And he loves them! I have made them out of wool and out of arcrylic yarns. He doesn’t like felted materials-so, I plan on making him at least 4 pairs a year. He supports my crocheting totally-and has since we met-the first project I finished is an afghan that is still used, 33 years later!

  12. Ann says

    My husband just tolerated my crocheting until my bedspread won the Sweepstakes at the State Fair in 1991. After that, without him ever saying a word, his attitude totally changed. With pride, he would tell people about the bedspread. He even made a shadowbox with the rosette and ribbon and pictures which still hangs on the wall in my ‘office.’ So he spoke volumes without ever saying a word 😉

  13. says

    It isn’t so much what my hubby SAYS as what he DOES… he practically refuses to let me give anything I make away. He wants it for himself! ;o) It’s not that he doesn’t like me to make gifts for others, but if I make something he really likes (which is often), he wants to keep it, then have me make another one for someone else. We laugh about it and it has become a huge joke in our family, but I know he does it because he loves the things I make, so I usually oblige. Now we have more afghans and lapghans than we will ever need, and a great set of crocheted Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, among many other things.

  14. says

    20 years ago I made a simple beanie to keep my husbands ears warm. He loved it and said it was the warmest hat he’d ever had. We were newlyweds and though it made me happy to hear, I always thought it was more of a we’re newly married and I love everything you do kind of things.

    Last year he couldn’t find it, but one of the companies he does business with had given him a beanie as a customer appreciation gift, and he started wearing it. This year, as I was making ear flap hats for our girls, he peeks in on me and says ” I give up, I’ve looked everywhere but I can’t find the hat you made for me. Could you please make a new one? This one just doesn’t keep me warm.”

    He’s always been incredibly supportive and encouraging in whatever I do – but please make one for me, means the world to me.

  15. says

    I have made many things for my hubby, vests, scarves, hats, etc.
    This last hat I made him this past winter, he says is very warm. He wore it whenever he went outside. That to me is better than words really. If he uses it, he likes it.

    Many people have commented nice things about my baby sweaters.

  16. Connie Fish says

    My husband always helps me pick out colors for my latest project. When we were younger (we’re married 44 yrs) he paid little attention except to finished items. It was his idea to start crafting Christmas gifts for our large families. Anything I gift is always appreciated & used. It feels so good to make something for someone.

  17. CrochetConnie says

    My husband is my biggest cheerleader, although he doesn’t want much for himself. When we were in college, I crocheted several yarmulkas for my soon-to-be DH. He’s saved them all, but one stands out in my mind. We designed the border together to say “big kahuna” (the last word in Hebrew letters; in Hebrew, kahuna means priesthood, and my husband is in fact a kohen or priest)with a surfer riding a wave. He wore that one the most, and he always proudly declared that his fiance had made it for him. He’s just as proud of the scarf that I made him about 10 years ago – he swears he’ll never replace it.

  18. Crafty Dawn says

    My hubby loved the beanie hat I made for him (in hunter orange) for when he goes hunting. He says I am very creative.
    He’s very supportive of me & my ideas. He says he’s amazed how ‘cool things’ can be made with yarn & a hook.

  19. Ruth Miracle says

    I sent my grand daughter an ABC afghan for my grate grand son. She said Grandma you realy out did your self this time.

  20. penny windham says

    I made a baby dress for a friend to give away..her friend sid that it was beautiful and that after her daughter outgrew it she was going to put it up to keep for her daughter…I never think of my “stuff” as heirlooms and give it all away

  21. Laura Douglas says

    The nicest thing anyone has said about something I crocheted was from my sister-in-law. I had made her son a baby sweater set and blanket before he was born. Now he is grown and has children of his own. When his first born,a boy, was born. She told me that he wore the same sweater set and blanket home from the hospital. That made my day and year when she told me that.

  22. Laurel says

    I was temping at a company filling in as receptionist while they hired a replacement.
    The company I was working for shared a breakroom and bathrooms with another company.
    At lunch I was crocheting in the breakroom.
    A girl from the other firm told me I was a good “knitter”. I thanked her and nicely told her that it was crochet and explained the difference. Later one of the men in the company I was working for came up to the reception desk and told me I was very talented.

  23. says

    A close family friend had a birthday coming up, so I made him a soft, luscious scarf in black and red which matched his immaculate car that he loved. Well, one day he came over to take my husband to an NBA basketball game in town. I gave him his scarf. He kept commenting on how soft it was and quickly put it around his neck. My husband said he wore it throughout the entire basketball game just in case the TV cameras caught them on camera (it was televised that night and I would be watching). He was sweating as it got pretty hot in the arena with thousands of people there, but he never removed the scarf. I thought that was the sweetest acknowledgement of appreciation.

  24. maria says

    I’ve been crocheting and knitting since I was ten and the most meaningful memory I have is I sponsored a kid from Puebla Mexico. By an act of God I won tickets to visit the orphanage. I asked him what his fave color was and he said red. So I made him an afghan with red in it and once it was translated it was his he took it and held it close. Some ppl said that he wouldn’t let go of it.

    In New Orleans on 06 I went and helped rebuild houses for a week. At the end of the week I asked God what blanket is meant for what house? 4 total. Anyway I thought I got my answer and asked another girl what she thought. She echoed the exact thought that was in my head. Mkracles do happen. I saved the prettiest one for the “cranky lady” and her demeanor completely changed when we gave her the blanket.

    Ppl often ask why I don’t sell my items and it’s easy, u can bless someone else that needs love. That’s my reward.

  25. Kat B says

    I know this is strange but the best compliment was when someone stole the afghan I made for my brother.
    He was in college and I made him a dorm bed size afghan and pillow cover for his new room. During Winter break, someone broke in to a few rooms and took valuables. The blanket and pillow cover were part of the booty!
    My brother asked if I could make him another one (this time with a security tag attached).

  26. Tracy says

    There are a few times that I have recieved compliments. But from my roommate was the best. We’ve known each other for 22 years come Holloween. I’ve made something for my son and my roommate posed in the baret and scarf so I would have a record of the items. He seemed very disappointed that I hadn’t made a baret and scarf set for him! So I did! He was so pleased! They don’t even cover ones ears, so it’s more for the style than anything, but he likes “gangster” movies, and some of them wear baret’s, so now he looks like one of the “gangsters”! For a 68 year old this is funny. Also, he is Japaneese! An “Italian” gangster Japanese. He always wanted to be an actor and still does. People say he has a radio voice and should be in radio. He’ taken them seriously and taken classes and is looking for an agent. He wears the hat to interviews! WOW !
    Later I mades him a very long afgan just for his very own, very tall, very thin, self. It is Burgundy Red and a deep Forest Green. The strips go up at an angle like this ///, alternating, with a Burgundy border, all in sc. (Took forever!)
    It’s the only blanket he has that he can really pull up to his chin to keep his very thin chest warm and still have it tucked under his feet. He’s 5’8″. It’s slightly taller than he is. Even in sunny Los Algeles he uses it every night in winter as he is so thin he gets cold easily. He loves it.
    For a different friend I once made a quick scarf. He is blind and was living at the same rooming house I was at. One Christmas my family said I could bring friends so I invited Carlos. There was a gift exchange, but Carlos hadn’t been included in advance so I had to think of a quick fix so he would not go home empty handed. I looked in my wonderful stash and found some yarn that was a black and white mix, bulky. Ah Ha! He is always saying his chest is cold when he waits outside for his ride each morning. So, a scarf! Not a long one, but one that he could put on before his jacket, cross the ends over his chest for a double layer, THEN put on the jacket to hold it there. Boy, I never crochet so fast in my life! 45 min. to my familys house. DONE! He couldn’t see I was working on it during the ride. He’s used it Everyday since. Now that’s a compliment!

  27. Muireann says

    My husband likes to tell people crocheting is the perfect hobby for me as it keeps me quiet :) But I love how he makes sure everyone knows if I made anything I’m wearing and tells me every few weeks that the afghan I made us last year for our first year of marriage is the best thing I’ve ever made. I love reading all these quotes, what a great post! But tintocktap, if you’re reading, your family are crazy if they don’t appreciate your work – it must be amazing if it was published! I hope you have friends who appreciate your hard work.

  28. Yvonne says

    When my youngest son was about 2 (he now 32) I entered a knitted sweater in the State Fair.(I know this should be about crochet, I will get to that.)
    I won Grand Champion in the hand knitting division. I was so excited I ran to a phone and called my parents. When I told my dad, he said, “No surprise, I always knew you are a champion!”
    Just last night, I told him I was making a granny square remote holder for the arm of my couch. Dad said, “Do you mean you are finally making something for yourself.”
    When pregnant with my first child (he is 38), I was so sick with morning sickness, I crocheted a 99 square afghan. I finished it just in time for my parents anniversary. I gave it to them. They sill bring it out and show it to people.
    My sister-in-law is always praising what I do. Every holiday she buys her two granddaughters and my granddaughter clothes and toys. I crochet some little thing, and my family, including her, praise me. It is very humbling.
    When my nephew was three, (he is now 28) he asked me to crochet him a hammer cover. He still has it!!! My husband is always giving me gift cards for occasions to Hobby Lobby, JoAnns or Michaels. He is so supportive. All my family and friends are so supportive and appricative of what I do. It makes making and giving worth all the time and effort.

  29. says

    My bf has so many nice things to say about my crochet! When he used to work outdoors by the piers, he exclusively wore a hat I crocheted for him, saying it was the warmest hat he owned. And he proudly displays all of my home decor creations. And he encourages me NOT to crochet for people who don’t appreciate my talents :).

  30. Carol Dorrell says

    My grandmother used to make every son, daughter, dil, and sil a pair on knitted slippers for Christmas every year. My aunt had a crochet pattern similar to my grandmothers, so I tried it. It was for thread, so I had to adjust it a bit. When I started going with my husband, I made him a pair. He kept them at my house, and that was the first thing he put on when he came over. He lived in them, day and night (when he spent the night…HEHEHE). When we moved and lived together before we were married and since then, I have to make him a pair every 2 months. He literally lives in them. He only takes them off to take a shower or put his shoes on to go out. When we travel, they are right on top on his bag! He wears out the right heel, why that one, I have no idea? He calls them his “thera-ipps”. I have made them for family and friends and sold over 250 pairs over the years. He encourages me to sell all my stuff in my booth, but he says I sell it too cheap, for all the work I do on the peices. He brags too any one that will listen how talentd I am….aaawww shucks! He does make me blush soemtimes when he gets started…but he is good advertisement.

  31. Judy Kelley says

    I have made crochet items for relatives that were raved about and then never seen again. But my dear husband speaks the loudest about something I sewed for him, not crochet. I made him a pair of pajama pants. The pockets were put in wrong, they face opposite directions, the crotch is so low they look like clown pants. But he still wears them and calls them his any way pants as there is no front or back because of the pockets. I have asked over the past 12 years if he wanted some other pajama pants and he has declined. He says he likes them so much because I made them for him, with love.

  32. E. C. Dabis says

    My husband told me that my nylon-net scrubbies remove all of the tea stains from his tea cups. I had NO idea that would/could do that!


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