Why DO we crochet?

never too young to crochet - daffodillanecrochet.comwww.achildsdream.comWhy do we crochet? Why don’t we stand on our heads or play mah jongg instead? Well, I can’t stand on my head and I never learned to play mah jongg – and i think you need some people to play that with you, dont’ you? Kinda hard to get a foursome in the middle of the night – some prime crochet time.

Why do YOU crochet? I crochet because I have this compulsion to create. I crochet because it is expressive, peaceful, creative, practical, extravagant, warm, COOL, spiritual. Yeah, it’s all of those things to me. Several years ago, a dear friend observed, upon my telling her of yet another ‘hobby’ that I had taken on, that I had a compulsion to create. I had never looked at it that way before. But, it’s definitely true. Better than a compulsion to kill – oh, but I have that sometime too. Don’t you? You’re lying if you say no!

Crochet is expressive – just look at freeform. It is peaceful – late at night when I’m up alone or anywhere when I’m agitated and need to get centered. It’s creative. nuf’ said. It’s practical – I make all kinds of gifts, mostly in the form of afghans and scarves. I can spend $10 on yarn to make a baby afghan when I would normally spend upwards of $40 for any other gift for baby. And I’m the ONLY ONE WHO GIVES A HAND MADE ITEM. Instant heirloom! It’s extravagant because I have been known to spend mucho dinero on yarn and hooks – $30 a skein for handpainted yarn qualifies as an extravagance in my life! It’s warm because I can snuggle under the afghan that I’m crocheting in the winter and my work will warm others as well. It’s COOL cuz every one of my teen boy students wants a skullie – every one! And, it’s definitely spiritual to me. I get in the ‘zone’, get those endorphins released, attain serenity when I really get going with my hook and yarn. I love that!! When I was going thru an especially difficult time, my hook and yarn were there to comfort me. Really good stuff.


  1. Kim Mullins says

    I have crocheted since I was a little girl and have always crocheted and will always crochet. In February I left a very abusive marriage and he wouldn’t allow me to crochet. Crocheting for me is an artistic expression, stress reliever and a way to have presents for others. Since I’ve been free I’ve made 5 baby afghans, about a hundred dish/ washcloths, scrunchies, soap holders and anything else I wanted to do.

    KIM – so good to hear that you extricated yourself from such an abusive situation. Keep up your creative endeavors. It can only do you good. Thanks for posting here.

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