Winter Wonderland For Sandy Hook

I know that most of us feel heartbroken about the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook, resulting in the death of so many innocent children and some of their teachers.  But, there is one small thing that we can do that will take only a few moments, a little thread, and a postage stamp.  There’s a move afoot to create a Winter Wonderland for the returning children.  Not much time, but we can contribute the work of our hands with a prayer in every stitch.  Get details here.

NOTE:  Since local authorities have asked for no more gifts to be sent to the Sandy Hook area, it is suggested that we use these snowflakes in our own communities as a way to honor the Sandy Hook families.


  1. Cheryl says

    I was listening to a news broadcast and then also read the same thing. The school has been inundated with so many snowflakes they are asking people not to send anymore. They suggest that you send them to other schools, hospitals, rest home, etc. but not to send anymore to the school.

    Maybe we should honor their wishes.

  2. says

    Perhaps the snowflake will become the new symbol and token of love…

    One can dream, right?!?

    Thanks, JD, and best of wishes for the coming year to you!

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