Would You Wear This ‘Necklace’?

cro floral necklace 0614

My friend, Sweet Sheri, sent me a link to this pattern, calling it a summer scarf rather than the ‘Floral Necklace’ that Red Heart identifies it as on their free pattern site.

It’s not something I would wear for a number of reasons – mainly that I have no neck.  Age and nature have deprived me of what little length of neck I once had.  This brought to mind my question for you.  Would you wear this?  If so, when – on what occasion or with what garment(s)?

While I find it attractive, I think it’s entirely impractical.  Maybe I’m being a curmudgeon.  What do you say??  Please post a Yea of Nay in the Comments section below.  If a Yea – how and when would you see yourself (or someone else you’d make it for) wear it?


  1. says

    Yea , why not? I find it very chic an would wear it as a “summer scarf” on a warm summer evening. Perhaps not in pink, but in blue or green.

  2. Barbara says

    No, not my style. BUT with a bit of tweaking… I think just one of those big rounders. They were correct to have an odd number according to art lessons. So which one? The one at the top? or one on the hanging bits?

  3. Michelle says

    I made it, in those colours, and posted the final article on Ravelry. It’s basically what I wear instead of a scarf.

  4. says

    I think it’s cute! I’d probably do it up in a navy or red and then pair it with a white t-shirt and blue jeans with some cute espradilles.

  5. Merry Chapman says

    It is waaaaay to busy for me, so I showed my daughters who are 29,35 and 38 and they all said the same, way tooo much for them, but my daughter with a 5 year old said maybe she would wear it for a fun accessory.

  6. Bonnie Jean says

    Um, No. I do not like to be the center of attention and I feel that this necklace, that is almost gaudy, would stick out like a sore thumb on me. I am not 100% sure that the model shown is happy about wearing it either. :)

  7. Tabitha Mori says

    It isn’t something I would wear.
    I do wear scarves but in the
    summer they tend to be of the fabric

  8. Carolyn Geoffrey says

    No, I would never wear a scarf such as this. To me, it looks like an overdone curtain tie back..LOL

  9. Christena says

    No, too busy for me. It looks like it would just be in the way every time I moved. I think there are too many shapes/objects going on there. The ends do look like they would make a nice cat toy.

  10. Jacqueline Steffen says

    Nay… Overdone. Impractical. Strangler….
    However, elements of it could be used on their own..

  11. germaine says

    definitely, I would wear it! not just on special occasions tho. Every day is a special day!

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