Wrap Them In Love

From tragedy and grief, some wonderful ideas emerge.  Michelle K. and some of her friends have created a new charitable venture that will surely soothe some injured hearts.  With donated 6 inch squares, this group of compassionate crocheters are creating remembrance afghans for families who have suffered the enormous loss – that of a baby.

Any parent can relate to this loss.  Nothing can ever replace the black hole in one’s heart that grows where the love of a child should grow.  But, some things can help.  To have that child remembered, to speak his or her name, to mark that life, however brief, on this planet.  Michelle and her friends are using their creative crafting skills to bring some measure of relief to such a great loss.

If you care to join them, crochet and send them your 6 inch squares.  They will be cherished by the recipients as tangible proof that their child existed and was loved.  Amazing what a little yarn and a lot of compassion can accomplish.  With squares from all of us, these parents can be Wrapped In Love.

Visit their site for links to free patterns for 6 inch squares and all the details you need to participate.


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    I do not have the pattern, but it might be available on the linked site. Email them and ask. It’s a lovely square!

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    The link works for me. It links to their facebook page – their only online presence as far as I know Please try again.

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