Your Christmas Crochet Eye-Full

cro first prize 2013

The gifts are all unwrapped.  The kids are giggling and playing with their toys.  The teens are plugged into their newest devices.  Pop and Grandpa are tuned into the game.  And, you?  You are sitting with your feet propped up amidst all the Christmas ‘litter’ , both good and bad, checking out what wonderful crochet inspiration awaits you at the click of a button.  Watch my mind and fingers ramble for a while…..

Here’s your Christmas gift from me.  Eye. Candy. An eye-full of crochet eye candy thanks to all those wonderful crocheters who post their lovely designs for us all to drool over online.  I promise you no patterns – just inspiration and fun.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.

First, above is Dot Drake’s 2013 CGOA Grand Prize Winner design ‘Milles Fleures Dress’.  Wish I had the talent, the patience, and the body to wear that stunning dress, don’t you?  Check out all the 2013 CGOA winners that Doris Chan has nicely gathered for us on her blog.  You’ll be there for a while, growing more amazed by each design.  Thank you, Doris, for sharing all these winners with us!

cro carryall 1213

I totally need this Rainbow Crochet Carryall, designed by Cynthia Fiebig, that received an Honorable Mention for the 2013 CGOA awards.

cro dream cap 1213

In case you dream in crochet, you’ll need something to catch those dreams.  How about this Dreamcatcher Headwrap?  Looks warm and charming to me.

cro baby blanket 1213

Just cuz I like half double crochets and these pretty stripes, I’m featuring this free pattern for you.  It’s for a baby blanket, but I think it would work for an afghan of any size and most yarns.  I really like the lacy effect created by the simple FP and BP stitches.

What partial or orphan skeins do you have on hand?  Grab them, play with the order of colors, and start on this one today.  Stash it when you’re done and you’ll have a head start on Christmas, 2014.  Yes, I said it on Christmas Day!  Always planning ahead.

cro world war 1 doily 1213

We are part of a proud crochet tradition that dates back generations.  Imagine the love and skill that went into this useful piece of exquisitely worked crochet from World War One!  No matter our mastery level at this art/craft, we are all part of an amazing artistic journey, that uniquely combines the joy of sheer artistry with the elementary needs of our homes.  What a wonderful find this is!  Take a moment to read the story of this find and see pictures of some others at this lovely blog.

cro cocoa 1213

And, on that note, I leave you to enjoy the rest of your Christmas evening.  Kindly enjoy this caffeine-free, calorie-free, heart-warming cup of hot cocoa.  I hope all your crochet dreams come true!


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