Your New Moderator is Here!

An example of my work - red and white doly

Pond Lily Afghan - unblocked from sheilaschnauzies site

Greetings to all crocheters! My name is jd and I’m the new Moderator for this Blog. I have been active in the world of crochet for about 8 years, having founded the St. Louis Crochet Club shortly after I learned to crochet just over 8 years ago. Why did I found the club? I knew no one who crocheted! No kidding! Not my mom! I have no sisters. Most of my women friends are career women who do not participate in crochet or knit. I didn’t know about the crochetdude or ken jones or any of the other enthusiastic male crocheters in the world. I had to look far and wide at the time to find a crochet teacher – then she disappeared! So, I decided to go back to basics and start a group of some sort where I could learn more and make new friends. Have I told you that I don’t have a shy bone in my body??

So, here I find myself. I hope to be able to share lots of crochet related ideas with you. While I am NOT a world-class crocheter as far as technique goes, I am a world-class promoter of this art. I LOVE crochet and want to share it with all. So, please return to see what I find to inspire and encourage you in your crochet endeavors.


  1. Essie Munro says

    Looking good jd. Look forward to reading more and seeing more of your crochet work. Hugs Essie

  2. Leah S says

    Congratulations jd!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you!!! I look forward to all you have to say. :))
    Love, Leah

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