You’ve Been Waiting For It

Everyone is probably tired of hearing me complain about this afghan.  Here it is!

The pattern is a variation of my favorite, the Diagonal Crazy Stitch.  You can learn how to create this afghan here.  The ‘traditional’ crazy stitch (or box stitch) pattern works up to a square.  I wanted this to be a rectangle, so I followed the instructions for creating the variation.  It turned out nicely.  The color choices were not mine.  It’s for a young couple getting married in May.  His favorite color is orange and hers is yellow – so, voila!  they get a yellow and orange afghan.  I’ve never met the bride, so she might not be totally thrilled with this.  But, I made it for a dear friend to give them.  I have met the groom on many occasions and he’s a wonderful guy.  So, that made it easier for me to complete a project which quickly became a nemesis because of a couple of reason.

First, the colors are not my favorites.  Since I find it difficult to work with colors I don’t like, I do not take commission work.  This was an exception – but has confirmed to me that I don’t like the idea of doing commissions.  Secondly, the yarn was ordered sight unseen because of my friend’s very tight budget.  To get enough yarn in the proper colors at a price point she could afford, I took the catalog description of this ‘soft’ yarn at face value.  Mistake!  I won’t make that mistake again.  The yarn is not only NOT soft, it’s downright ‘hard’.  I’ll do some major fabric softening before I send it off to the lucky couple.  Finally, the skeins were full of snags, bad joins, and in one case the ‘guts’ of the skein were pulled out only to reveal that it was a totally separate ball of yarn.  These issues resulted in my having to cut the yarn THREE times after an hour’s worth of fruitless attempts to untangle the mess.  Guess how many extra ends this gave me to weave in?

What I have left to do is weave in the multitudinous number of ends, add a small border of some sort to further hide those ends, then, I’d like to add two small appliques – one of the St. Louis Arch and one to symbolize Utah.  A beehive was suggested to me and that would work well with the yellow yarn, so I’ll probably go with that.

This is one afghan I’ll be happy to send to its new home and hope to never see it again!


  1. says

    I see nothing wrong with this afghan. I really like the colors, nice and bright. I’m sure the bride is going to love it. It was made with love. How can you not?!! Great work. Gonna try this pattern. I have to make an afghan for a friend’s mother.

  2. says

    Oops! Just checked the link for the pattern and realized I already know this pattern. It was under another name. I have made several afghans using this stitch. Great pattern, great design!

  3. says

    Ok, I’m about finished. Kept getting interrupted. I feel you on having a project that you don’t want to do for some reason for another. Sorry you had so much trouble with the yarn. I usually try to work with my customers on purchasing the yarn. For afghans, I only work with Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn”. It is the softest yarn I have found and so many colors.

    I had a pattern that I picked up one day and crocheted it for a church mother. I threw the pattern away after I finished it. It had a lot of diamond pieces that had to be crocheted, then put together to get each design, then all the pieces had to be sewn together. It took me almost 4 months to finish. I will never, ever crochet that piece again! So, yes, I feel ya!

  4. lee ann beausejour says

    For Utah, beehive is perfect! JD, the project looks great, love how you worked the middle section. Yes, it is hard on commission items. And the wife to be will appreciate that someone took the time to incorporate her favorite color with her husbands. It may not get used all the time, but it will get used for many years!

  5. says

    I know what it is like trying to finish a project for someone else that you just are not thrilled with! Glad it is finished for you. The colors will definitely brighten up a room. It is like sunshine! (same colors as my little dress from the 70’s I had written about.) What a great job!

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