My annual computer surf for Valentine’s Day crochet patterns has revealed some great new finds for you this year.  Most are free and can be worked up quite quickly.  Here are my favorites:

I LOVE this idea!  So easy and charming.  Chose your colors to match your decor or chose one color for each family member – maybe to coincide with birthstone colors.

Make a pretty baby afghan for a February baby using this lovely filet pattern:

Here’s a puffy heart that could be used for several things.  How about crocheting an extra half motif across the back to tuck a gift inside?  How cute would that be?

This one isn’t free, but very inexpensive.  I like the flexibility of the design.  Check out the other photos on the site for variations:

Finally, at this website:

there’s a really good video to show you how to crochet a simple but lovely heart in just a few minutes.  You can use these to make all kinds of Valentine goodies for your loved ones.

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