The Quickest Project Ever??

This just might be the quickest crochet project ever – or at least the quickest, cutest one!

Shiny Crochet Barrettes


Bezencilla has created these pretty barrettes that could be used for a variety of purposes.  Of course, they can be used in the hair as a barrette.  But, they could also adorn a cute felted purse, be tied with a bow to use as ornaments, or clipped to a neckline to use as a brooch.  And, this is another perfect way to use up those odd balls of thread that are taking up space in your stash basket.

Further, they could be embellished with crystals, sequins, buttons, or beads.  What Princess (of any age) wouldn’t enjoy having a collection of these?  My daughter won’t wear any ‘pretty’ colors or anything that sparkles, but she would happily use them in her hair if I make them in a plain, dark color like plum or maroon.  I think I’ll dig out some thread and make her a pair!

You can see more samples and get the free pattern to make your own at Bezencilla’s  blog .  The pattern is very simple and can be found on the blog if you scroll down below the pictures.  It’s easiest to make these with barrettes that have the removeable clip in them but they’re hard to find.  The pattern is very adaptable.  Play with it and you’ll be creating your own beautiful barrettes in no time!




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