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I recently shared a raft of patterns for you (not free) that I found on Etsy.  Well, I decided to share some for you from the parent company that owns this blog.  There are oodles of free patterns for all â?¦

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cro owl blanket 0714

I was browsing through Etsy to see what’s new there and ran across a few things I wanted to share with my readers.  These are patterns that cost money, but they certainly look worth a few bucks to me.  This â?¦

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cro harper 1 0714


So, I did not have  a wonderful time crocheting this baby afghan, but it was a work of love.  Baby Jack is the first grandson of some dear friends of mine.  The grandparents have three sons of their own â?¦

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cro v knit 0714


I have heard this matter discussed for years – which uses more yarn, knit or crochet?  Well Joanne Scrace has finally conducted a fairly scientific experiment to answer this old question.  Her method is well documented on her blog â?¦

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cro summer top 0714

Patrice Walker has created this simple Summer top using a very customized approach.  With the information on her blog, you can create one of your own, using your choice of size, yarn, and even stitch pattern.  I love when â?¦

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 cro for babies bk 0714

Tammy Hildebrand has authored a new book that will be a ‘must have’ for all who crochet for babies and tots.  “Crochet For Baby All Year” is Tammy’s new book and it’s full of cutie-patootie fashions that will have

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cro pat bonanza 0714

Are you familiar with this site for oodles of free patterns?  Since disappeared, I have not really found a reliable aggregate site for finding free crochet patterns online.  This site seems to have a lot of the same features â?¦

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cro ripple book 0714

The only ripple stitches I ever truly loved fell into the category of round ripple – until I met this book!  I have never seen so many cool ripple patterns as author Leonie Morgan has gathered here.  The title tells â?¦

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cro converse 0714

If this isn’t the cleverest use of a simple crochet motif, I must be a monkey’s uncle (or aunt)!  As a tot, my daughter yearned deeply for the Converse high tops her older brothers wore.  She got them as hand-me-downs â?¦

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10 baby mobiles to crochet   There’s a new baby on the way and you aren’t inspired by anything on the mom-to-be’s  shower registry.  Instead, you want to make a fun, yet practical handcrafted gift.  How about one of these whimsical crocheted mobiles to decorate â?¦

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cro flower orange 0614

It has become common knowledge that I love crochet flowers.  So, people send me links to many beauties.  There are not enough hours in the day for me to find all these goodies.  Thanks to all who send them.  â?¦

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cro bracelet buttons 0714

Do you have a stash of cool buttons?  If so, you might not have enough of any one button to finish off a garment.  But, with this cool idea from Donatella, you can make fantastic use of those buttons.  In â?¦

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cro tunisian class 0614


Dora Ohrenstein, an accomplished and well traveled crochet artist, is offering a wonderful course on Craftsy that will have us all mastering Tunisian crochet.  In this class (actually a series of classes all for one price), Dora takes us â?¦

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cro stitch a day 0614


Are you familiar with the website that offers a newsletter to teach you a new stitch every day?  Often, these are not technically ‘stitches’.  As in this case, it’s a motif rather than a single stitch.  Still, it’s a â?¦

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cro orange bracelet 0614


For beginning crocheters or for those who are interested in learning out wonderful craft, I have gathered a number of facts that might be helpful.

1. Unlike knitting, crochet can never be done on a machine!  All crochet is â?¦

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