I saw this book (new to me) at the library and decided to check it out even ‘tho it is entitled, “The Knitter’s Book of Yarn”.  I don’t usually bother to peruse books about knitting.  But, since crocheters use the same yarn as knitters, I decided this book might contain something I could use.

Well – YES!  This book is a one volume encyclopedia of yarn.  If you want to learn about any yarn from Angora to Acrylic, this is the reference for you.  Each yarn (and animal) receives an in-depth review, offering us insights into how we might best use it and care for it.  I have never really been concerned about which animal my ‘wool’ came from – but I have been educated!

In addition to the different fibers (including all kinds of synthetics), there is a great deal of valuable information regarding the ply of various yarns, yarns that are cabled, textured, and brushed, chenille, and,  boucle.  Further, there is interesting historic and current information about mills, farms, fiber festivals, dyes used in yarns, spinning, dyeing, ‘organic’ yarns, and even why yarn pills and how to handle that.  This single 255 page book is such a wealth of information.

There is a useful glossary, standards charts, abbreviations, techniques, and a terse, single page article of ‘Recommended Reading’.

I have attempted to work up some interest in studying yarns from various other books and other sources.  I have always found the subject to be dry and not very interesting.  This book is well written and engrossing!  And, here’s the kicker – the majority of the information about yarn is contained in the first 70 pages of the book.  Pages 71 to 221 are knitting patterns – not of much use to me as a non-knitter – although I believe several of them would easily convert to crochet.  There is a brief but engaging discussion of felting (fulling) with a few patterns.  The technique of felting knit are the same as for crochet, so this section is useful for us too.

Book Specs:

Author Clara Parkes

Published in 2007 by Potter Craft

ISBN 9780307352163

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