“Afghans and Throws” is an inviting new book by Luise Roberts.  It contains both knit and crochet patterns, and, unlike most mixed books, this one gives equal space to crochet.  While there are only six project patterns in the book, there is a wealth of other information that will keep you busy making afghans and throws for years to come.

This book contains a lot in its 144 pages.  There is a thorough analysis of yarn labels.  We all check labels for hook size and fiber content, but there’s lots more to see there.  In addition to the yarn labels, there are charts showing yarn specifications, including recommended gauge, hook/needle size, and descriptions of different yarns.  There is a rather intricate chart of yarn yardage needed for standard bed and afghan sizes for both crochet and knit.  There is information on ply, wraps per inch, and yarn substitutions.

Aside from the yarn information, Roberts hits heavy on color and how to design with it.  There are comparisons of different squares and how to use them in your designs.  Also addressed are texture (attained through yarn, beads, dimensional stitches) and a very cool beaded star in knit that could be interpreted in crochet.  Also included are discussions of lace, filet lace in square and round, embroidery,cross stitch,weaving, use of beads in knit and crochet, and appliques.

Keep reading!  Roberts discusses working with modular elements, motifs, and medallions, showing a very cool two color modular medallion.  Seams.  Who knew seams were so important to design?  Roberts discusses both functional and decorative seams, including partial seams and lacy seams.  There are good side by side pictures and instructions for the seam work.

Also covered are edgings and trims, especially edging around corners, pompoms, tassels, and fringes.  There is a Stitch Directory that includes full colored photos and charts in color.  Don’t overlook the excellent glossary of abbreviations and symbols in both knit and crochet as well as US and UK terminology and resources.

Roberts has created a little gem for us here.  The book carries a 2008 copyright date and is a Trafalgar Squares publication.  ISBN 9781570763885.  For $24.95 (USD), it’s quite a book!

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