Alien Vs Lovey Crochet

cro meat boy 0814


Is this an Alien or a Lovey?  Depends on your status as an Earthling or a kid, I guess.  I love the simplicity of this pattern and how it could work up to make a very special huggable gift for your favorite tot.

cro meatboy 2 0814

This little pink one looks more huggable – especially for a little girl.  But, since these could be worked up in any color or even stripes or blocks of color, they could be made to please any little huggable kid, right?

Add a flower or not.  Use plastic eyes for older kids or just stitch them with yarn for the younger kids.  Stuff them with fiberfill or alternatives like old pantyhose, shredded up old foam pillow form, or well worn (but laundered, of course) socks.  I’ve heard of people using clean dryer lint to stuff plush toys.  Please DO NOT use dryer lint.  It’s very highly flammable and could easily burn up in a flash, causing permanent harm.  So, no dryer lint, okay?

You can find both these patterns here.  Just scroll down to see both patterns.


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    Thank you for featuring my stuffies! They are Super Meat Boy and Bandage Girl, 2 characters from a video game my son likes to play. But the pattern is certainly versatile enough to make these your own if you aren’t into the adventures of Super Meat Boy. :)

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