I tried it again. Crocheting with plastic bags. I spent quite some time online checking out how to prepare the plastic bags to create ‘yarn’. There are two basic ways to do this:

First, cut off handles and seam at the bottom, creating a square. Fold that square across its height so you have a long piece, then fold again. From that, cut about 6 sections. These make rings. Interlock these rings and crochet away.

Second method begins like the first in removing handles and bottom seam. Then, to create a single continuous length (about 7 yards by my calculations), you make a small diagonal cut about 1.5 inches deep and cut the remainder of the bag in a spiral.

Both preparation methods are fairly time consuming. Now, this is FREE YARN, so I can’t complain about that. Every site I visited encouraged me to use a large hook, from K on up to Q. Most preferred plastic hooks as wood and metal were harder on the plastic.

plastic-bag-tote.jpg (the tote)

Well, this is NOT FOR ME. I’m a pretty dedicated recycler – and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE MAKING THINGS FROM TRASH – but crocheting with this plastic ‘yarn’ is awkward and time consuming. I was so hopeful that I could create a couple of cute totes for gifts. But, NO! I just threw them all in the trash. I’ll pay for my yarn instead.

I’ve made totes with rug yarn in the past and don’t even like crocheting with that stuff, but it’s almost indestructible so it makes sense to crochet totes with it. I think I just might stick with using some sz 3 and 5 balls I have on hand. Maybe not as environmentally friendly as using those plastic bags or newspaper sleeves, but my blood pressure will remain lower and my serenity stronger.

But, aren’t these CUTE!?




  1. Mackenzie says

    I thought that you follow the steps for the first one and then cut the loops and tied them… Oh well, I am not that far along… I can redo it!

  2. says

    Just a friendly FYI:

    Although you were unable to use the grocery bags for “yarn,” a lot of grocery stores do have bins to collect and recycle those plastic bags to help keep them out of our landfills.

  3. says

    Yes, Maven, i agree. do NOT put these plastic bags in the trash bin to go to land fill. we always use them at least 3 times before they go to the trash bin. we try to keep them forever out of the trash bin. if you look on some of the ‘indie craft’ sites, you’ll find other ways to use the bags, including great craft ideas.


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