Beaded Edges And More!

This is just one of the many scrumptious patterns you’ll find in the book The Beaded Edge 2.

If you were to rely on the cover photo, you’d be selling this book short.  There is way more here than edgings for coin purses!  Inside, you’ll find lovely and delicate edgings for garments, straps, and necklaces like the one above.  The designs are photographed lovingly, conveying the full beauty of each design as well as the detailed techniques to create them.

About those techniques.  There are a couple of tricks here I’ve not seen elsewhere for dealing with tiny beads and even sequins.  The close up photos and clear diagrams guide you through each pattern and technique.  There is also a bit of history included, with an especially nice exploration of the Turkish Oya beading.

Anyone who is a fan of beads or crochet – or the combination of beads and crochet – will fall in love with this book.  It’s a must-have for bead crochet!

Book Specs:

The Beaded Edge 2 by Midori Nishida/CRK Designs

Published in the U.S. by Interweave Press, 2012


List Price $17.95 USD


  1. Cerise says

    Thank you, I have been looking for crochet patterns like some necklaces I have seen on the internet… I’d love to be a customer of these talented artisans, but, I want to do it myself ;-). They are crochet chains with multi color flowers and bead accents, I have looked at this book but nowhere does it show what is inside. I am a competent crocheter, with a good start I can go on, but it is easier to not have to do it from scratch…. the beaded flower chain above, are there more patterns like that? You are right, the purses, I was not interested….

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