Bears For A Cause

Aware Bear


Crocheters are well known for putting their skills to use in support of a cause.  Sher Marchman-Day has gone a step farther in her efforts to customize her crochet to your cause.  What a fantastic idea!  For a really reasonable price (dirt cheap, in fact), she’ll make you one or more bears like the one pictured here with a ribbon the color you want.  You can find this cute bear here .

Also available on her site are crochet gift items offered for amazing prices.  There are great looking hand made gifts for women, kids, and even men.  Her felted slippers made for men are very warm and cozy looking.  I’d like a pair for myself!  Monkeys, cup cozies, spa accessories, and beanies are all available for purchase.

But, back to the Aware-Bears.  I cannot personally crochet enough bears, scarves, or beanies for fundraising.  But, I certainly support a crocheter who can!  Sher offers bulk pricing and guarantees the items are hand made by her.

If you think you might want some Aware-Bears for your local fundraiser, you’ll have a consultation with Sher via phone or email to discuss colors, timing, etc.  Then she’ll work up the bears you want just the way you want them.  She works the same way for her gift items too.  If you want a pair of those snuggly felted slippers, for instance, you’d discuss size and color(s), then Sher would crochet a pair just for you.

I’m impressed with this business model and with the array of items Sher is offering.  I plan to order those slippers for myself and will report back you.



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