Blocking Yarn


Seldom has one topic generated so many questions over the years that I’ve been crocheting.  Should I block my crochet?  How do I block a crochet piece? Does acrylic yarn need to be blocked?  This tutorial makes the entire process of blocking acrylic yarn projects really simple and straight forward.  I use pretty much the same technique for most projects no matter the fiber content of the yarn.

There are some other useful resources online with blocking information.  Check them out to see which one makes sense for you.

Michael’s (the craft store) has a nice online resource.,default,pg.html

Kim Werker has a great deal of information here that will make blocking easier for you.

Purlbee has some great info too, especially for blocking wools.

Don’t be concerned that these sites mostly refer to knitting projects.  It’s the yarn that’s important – and that’s the same for crochet or any other handwork that you want to block.  So, please don’t be afraid of blocking.  It’s easier than you might think, and, as with most things, it becomes easier the more you do it.





  1. Maggie says

    Your blocking tutorial was great. I’ve never blocked without using an iron before and this looks really simple and effective. I found this through Crochet Partners and was a little worried that the instructions might be in lower case letters the same as your postings, as I find them very difficult to read but I was very relieved they weren’t. Keep up the good work.

  2. says

    Sorry that my normal typing in lower case only is difficult for you to read. It’s a habit I acquired years ago when writing for engineers – doing too many rough drafts in a very short time. I should try to return all my typing to a more normal format – but I just don’t think about it!

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