Chunky Crochet Rugs

cro chunky rug 1013

I wanted to show you the lovely stitch definition I’m getting with this rather humble chunky yarn.  I’m working only in half double crochets with cotton yarn that is on a huge wheel, probably designed for use with a knitting … Read More ...

Crochet Up A Halloween Quickie!

cro kitty ears 0913

Before you know it, Halloween will be here and the kids will demand last minute Halloween costumes.  Don’t they always??  Here are some quickies I found online for you.  I’m sure these will save the day!

Up top has to … Read More ...

Whooo Knew Crochet

crochet owl pouch


What little girl wouldn’t love to take her lunch money to school in this sweet little pouch?  I’d like to and I haven’t bought a school lunch in at least 150 years!  As usual, this speaks to me because … Read More ...

Crochet Your Summer Away!

July 4 is history, but we still have plenty of Summer ahead of us.  We’ll be crocheting at kids’ games, around the pool, for the pool, for back to school stuff, for cool summer garments, and all those other things … Read More ...

A Pocket Full Of Crochet



crochet wishing star

When a child is embarking on a new adventure – like the first day of school or going off to college – it’s really nice for him/her to have a tiny, handy reminder of home, of the … Read More ...

Sassy Crochet Croc Stitch

crochet crocodile stitch purse

This sassy little number, complete with the sweet flower, demonstrates a fantastic use for the crocodile stitch which has been so popular of late.  Check out the pattern and pictures here.  Without the handle attached, it looks amazingly … Read More ...

Crochet Broomstick Hat

crochet broomstick hat by margaret hubert

If you’ve seen this wonderful book, you know that Margaret Hubert is an exceedingly talented crochet designer.  This hat was pictured in her book, but no pattern was given.  Now, the pattern has been made available for all of … Read More ...

Bright Blue Yonder Shawl

Crochet Bright Blue Yonder Shawl

Bright Blue Yonder Shawl

I believe that all crocheters are designers.  Most of us tweak a pattern to suit our needs and tastes.  Many, like me, find a pattern to be merely a suggestion – a hint as to how … Read More ...

Turtles and Cats

crochet pincusion

I’m a total sucker for turtles.  I love them – living, stuffed, figurines, etc.  I’ve had them as pets and have been known to pull over to rescue one who’s stranded in the middle of the road.  Cats, well, … Read More ...

Hearts Galore

For your Valentine crochet, check out some of these quickies!

cro hearts tiny 0113

These tiny beauties can be made in just a few moments with just a few stitches.  Get the free pattern and tutorial here.

Even if you only make one … Read More ...

Simple Elegance

cro headband 0113


Headbands are so popular now.  Everyone from babies to grannies are wearing them.  I see teen girls with pony tails wearing headbands too!

I really like this one.  It’s so simple – yet subtly elegant.  It’ll work up in … Read More ...