Chic Sac

Look what I won!

It’s such a cute bag, but that’s not the best of it.  This bag is very well designed – and I wish I could find a place to purchase it.  No luck so far.  You can look at this and other bags made by the same company .

What you can’t tell by looking at the picture is some features of this bag that set it apart from similar bags.  First, there’s the fabric.  It’s a heavy and durable water proofed nylon (or similar) material.  There is but a single seam to construct the basket and the handles are not attached.  Rather, they are part of the body of the sac and are folded over and sewn shut to create two stronger straps.  In addition, there’s a teeny little bag that the larger one folds down to fit into.  The miniature bag is about 4X6 inches and is constructed the same way as the larger bag with a snap closure.  So, you can carry the miniature bag around with you until you need a larger bag.  Then pull out and unfold the larger bag and you’ve got a nice bag for shopping or for carrying a crochet project.

I should have prefaced this article by stating that I do not buy bags!  Why?  My husband gets oodles of nicely sized tote bags from all kinds of vendors so I have a good supply in canvas, plastic, cotton duck, parachute and other fabrics.  Of course, they have the names of various vendors printed all over them, but I don’t care.  The difference with this bag is that it is, well, chic!  My usual totes are not highly functional but not very fashionable.

According to the website for, there are different styles of bags (check out the picnic tote) and this bag in a wide variety of colors.  If you know a site or shop that sells this bag, please let me know!


  1. says

    Know what? I own the exact bag you’re talking about, at least I think I do… trouble is, don’t know where I tucked it away right now! Just like you’re saying it folds down into a teeny little thing until you need it. Now I’m going to have to go and hunt it down! I purchased mine in a hospital gift shop about two years ago. Loved this bag!

  2. Dee says

    They are sold right on that site you linked to. Click on the “direct retail” link at the top of the page.

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