Crochet A Stitch

cro stitch a day 0614


Are you familiar with the website that offers a newsletter to teach you a new stitch every day?  Often, these are not technically ‘stitches’.  As in this case, it’s a motif rather than a single stitch.  Still, it’s a useful site and it’s free.  You can sign up for their newsletter so you will get each stitch in your inbox or you can just visit the site to see what’s new there.

If you’re also a knitter, they have a knit stitch for you every day too.  How handy is that?  In addition to the stitches (or motifs), they offer some free patterns, crochet (or knit) alongs, videos for instruction, and more.  You’ll find plenty of goodies here.

I think of a website like New Stitch A Day as a great resource for crocheters.  Youtube is great, but professional quality is often lacking there.  Bookmark this site or sign up for their newsletter and you’ll be expanding your stitch repertoire in no time!

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