CROCHET! A Winning Edition

Every now and then I receive a copy of one of my crochet magazines (I subscribe to most of them!) that reminds me why I subscribe every year.  The latest issue of Crochet! (May, 2011) is one of those special issues – so full of great designs and ideas that I just want to pull out yarn and hook and crochet all night!

This issue has a pretty blue dress on the cover – not my cup of tea, but very pretty.  Inside, the view improves for me.

The Sunshine Scarf Vest (the first of several Shannon Mullett-Bowlsby designs in this issue) is shown in a pretty yellow color (not my cuppa) and is very long-lined – but it’s got an innovative collar treatment and the length can be adjusted easily enough.  The neck treatment is enchanting, taking a rather plain design and morphing it into something quite special.

Then there’s the Strawberry Fields Cardigan designed by Margaret Hubert.  When do I not like a Margaret Hubert design?  This one is designed so that it will flatter most figures and, with the correct choice of yarn, can be created to accent a Spring or Winter wardrobe.  Not sure about the choice of yarn, but I sure do like the shaping.

The pretty Riviera Sun Hat designed by Tammy Hildebrand, is crocheted of raffia and would be a good addition to any Spring wardrobe.  The lovely Ribbon Cowl Necklace design of Joyce Bragg shows us how to use up those balls of ribbon yarn we all purchased over the past couple years.  I’ve seen a similar design in knit and wanted to crochet it.  Now, I can!

There are three – count ’em THREE – fantastic looking afghans in this issue.  The Raining Cats by Deb Richey uses sweet pastel blocks sprinkled with clever kitty faces to charm any toddler (or parent).  Darla Fanton’s Terrace Throw uses chain stitches to add subtle dimension to a two tone lattice patterned afghan.  And, another Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby winner, the Hinterland Throw, has been calling my name since I saw it pictured online recently. (NOTE:  minimal errata for this design is available at .)

Finally, amidst the remaining projects are Jan Hatfield’s Vintage Button Bracelets.  I love old buttons and have quite a collection.  I’ve seen this idea before, but Hatfield takes the look to greater heights, enticing us to use up those partial skeins of pretty yarns we all have in our stash.  Even if you have to buy new buttons, these bracelets will look great.  A lot of fashion impact with little work or expense!  And, recycling for crafty purposes.  My kind of project.

All these designs and more for $5.99!  What a deal!


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    I’ve just subscribed to their digital editions (back copies) and enjoy browsing through them and picking projects to be dived into!

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