Crochet Boutique – The Book

If  you’re looking for a collection of easy to crochet hats and scarves, this book could be just what you’re looking for.  Popular seller, Rachael Oglesby, has gathered 30 of her designs in this book.  Chunky scarves and hats of all kinds abound!  There’s a very cool laptop sleeve and an appealing Rainbow Shell Throw, and even a funky fun lampshade among the 30 designs.  If you are a younger crocheter or you crochet for the younger set, you’ll find plenty to like in this book.  Nothing here for babies or tots, but plenty for the fashion forward fashionista.

Book Specs:

Crochet Boutique by Rachael Oglesby

Lark Crafts, 2012

128 Pages, soft cover

ISBN:  9781600599262

$17.95 USD


  1. Dianne Werts says

    I have already started my fall hat-making frenzy. It’s a fun diversion to the sweater and afghan WIP’s. Thank you for this give-away opportunity! Di


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