Crochet Moebius Cowl Inspiration

cro kln moebius 0214

I recently crocheted this Moebius scarf for my daughter – and she loves it!  It was super simple.  I used this pattern as inspiration.  My pattern choice was determined more by the amount of yardage I had than by any other single reason.  I purchased two skeins of Berroco Captiva Metallic yarn that I’d had my eye on for some time at my LYS.  It’s beautiful stuff.

cro captiva metal yarn 0214

Here’s what it looks like on the shelf.

Since I didn’t have much of the yarn (at about $10 per 97 yard hank), I modified the original pattern to suit my own needs.  I worked the rows as called for in the pattern, determined it would be quite a bit narrower than the original pattern, and added the pretty edging to finish it off.  The details on recreating the edging are below.

cro kln cowl detail 0214

Here’s a detail picture of the stitch for you.  The original pattern is easy to follow and translated really well into the Captiva yarn, don’t you think?

Edging details:  Single crochet across to the peak of each ‘motif’.  On that peak, you’ll sc, then chain 2 and sc back into the base of your chain 2, then continue with your single crochets to the next peak.  It’s that simple.  I just wanted to not lose that pointed edge detail and my use of a sort of picot worked.


  1. Merry Chapman says

    I love this pattern. What a beautiful job you did. Love the color choice as well. The pattern looks so dainty and feminine. Thank you for sharing!

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