Crochet Stitch Dictionary – A Review

cro stitch dict 0314

Do NOT be fooled by this books cover!  It’s way better than the cheerful cover might lead you to believe.  Really!

Interweave Press author Sarah Hazell has gathered 200 stitches, some of which will be entirely new to you.  Each stitch has the requisite color picture and instructions but also a larger than average chart to aid in your ability to recreate the stitch.  And, she uses a nice ‘trick’ that is often overlooked by other authors – contrasting colors for each row when necessary to define each row.  I find that extremely helpful.

In addition, to help you find a stitch you KNOW you saw somewhere, there is a thumbnail of each stitch in the Table of Contents!  Another very helpful feature of this book.

As usual, Interweave Press has created a book that is outstanding in the field.  This book will easily earn its place in your crochet library.  And, with the clear beginner section at the start of the book, it will make a great gift (or investment) for anyone wishing to learn or improve her crochet.

Book Specs:

Interweave Press, 2013

192 Pages with many color photos and great charts

8X10 inch softcover

ISBN: 9781620331293

List Price $22.95 USD




  1. Paulina says

    Many thanx! I was thinking to buy this book but wasn’t sure if it was good. Now I’m sure I’ll get a copy!

  2. Shari Harniss says

    I just got this book from the library for the second time. Such a wonderful book! You will love it!

  3. Susan Parker says

    I’m hooked on crochet dictionaries, this one sounds great! Thank you for such an excellent review, I’m adding it to my wish list now.

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