Crochet This Beautiful Dress

cro dress coats 0114

I just discovered this site today!  It’s a part of Coats&Clark that I’ve never seen before.  There are a few free crochet patterns on the site, including this beautiful dress.  You must register with the site to download the free patterns, but it may well be worth that small effort.

Since I have just recently returned to sewing also, I’m pleased that this site also has free sewing projects.  There are also knitting and embroidery projects offered, as well as numerous articles, some tutorials, and lots of inspiration.  The parent site appears to be in the United Kingdom and one may choose between those two locations which is helpful with terminology.

I signed up for the newsletter the site offers so I will be updating you as I learn more about the site.  You can also learn more about all the Coats products and locate a store near you.  In my area, there are numerous stores that sell the products of Coats&Clark.  But, that may not be true where you live.  This is an old and trusted brand for those of us who do needlearts. Their products are also available via online vendors, so do some research to find what’s best for you.  We never turn away from a source of free crochet patterns, do we?



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