Crochet Your Pom Pom Pom Pom Pom Pom

crochet pompoms in bulk

All those cute little pompoms take so long to make.  They really become a nuisance when you have to make more than a few.  But, very clever Anne Weil over at has created a nifty technique and a great tutorial to show us how to work up a bundle of these little tribbles in no time, using only simple things you have around you – like chair legs.  You need yarn and scissors, of course.  But, using her technique, you can put together a bunch of these so that you can get back to your main crochet projects rather than focusing all your time on the flourishes.  Cute, quick, creative!

crochet covered easter eggs rocks

You’ll also love Anne’s deliciously twine-covered Easter eggs and her crochet covered rocks which I’ve featured before.  I wonder what else we can find to cover using the techniques she’s presented in her egg tutorial?  Any ideas?


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    JD, Thank you so much for finding and sharing the site on pompoms. I made a hat with a pompom on it once because I hated the tediousness of making them individually. This is fantastic! Thank you, will try now for my granddaughter’s hat.

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