If you recognize the pattern source for this dress, please post it here!

Bodice of Mystery Child's Dress

This lovely dress was discovered by my good friend and crochet-guru, Ronnie, while she was sorting through some of her late mother’s things.  Ronnie has two lovely granddaughters to crochet for (and I’m a bit jealous about that, I admit) and would love to learn the source of this pattern.


As far as is known, her mother did not crochet.  There was no information along with the dress, no indication why it was saved for so many years.  Neither Ronnie nor her sister has any recollection of having worn this lovely dress.  It appears to me to be about a size 6-8.  It is not in perfect shape as there are some areas of wear, a small hole, some worn threads.

Despite the years and the lack of information, everyone at the St. Louis Crochet Club meeting fell in love with this dress when it was displayed at our most recent meeting.  Ronnie and the rest of us would love to be able to crochet a more modern version of the dress.

So, if you know anything about the dress, please help us out.  It’s a beauty!

Note:  This photo is a bit misleading.  The shape of the dress is different than it appears here.  It is narrower under the bodice and flares out nearer to the hemline creating almost a flounce.


  1. Debbie says

    This is lovely. I have posted a link to this blog on my crochet list on Yahoo Groups. Hopefully, someone there will know the answer.


  2. lee ann beausejour says

    JD, is it a childs or adults dress? I remember seeing a pattern similar to this in Crochet Fantasy (I think-it was either that mag or the other thread mag that came from France) many years ago-my daughter was quite young at the time. It is also reminiscent of a dress that I saw in a Japanese thread book 30 years ago-it was to be worn over a colored slip.

  3. Michele' says

    Oh WOW! I had a very similar dress when I was a child, made for me by my grandmother. Mine was yellow, had a little satin ribbon belt and a matching beret style hat. I have a picture of me wearing it while sitting on Santa’s lap. I don’t know what happened to my dress and I haven’t been able to find the pattern either. Good luck – and if you do find the pattern please share! Thanks!

  4. bbangera says

    I recently made a baby dress with this pattern.Its clusters and chains pattern,and looks very pretty.But i dont have the pattern, for the yellow dress.

  5. Brenda jones says

    Hi this little dress looks very similar to the dress on page 134 Of Chain-Free Crochet Made Easy. The dress in this book is called the “Peekins Summer Dress” This little dress has a Pineapple skirt though. Hope you find this cute little dress.


  6. bbangera says

    I will send the pic of the dress i have made which is similar to this pattern.Please send me your email od.

  7. Christina says

    Yes, I’m asking for a copy of the pattern, too. Or perhaps a link in the comments so everyone can enjoy?

  8. Veronica says

    Please tell me found the pattern to this beautiful dress… if so I would love a copy or know where I can get one.

    Thanks so much

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