Time and again, I read and hear about people who would like to make money with their crochet.  It’s difficult to get paid a fair price for crocheted items.  People who do not crochet have no idea of the amount of time and labor that goes in to completing even a simple project.  I used to crochet one hat a day and got so good at it that I could get one done, start to finish, in an hour.  For me, a slow crocheter, this was quite a feat.  But, what would I have to charge for the hat to make a profit?  I’d have to factor in the cost of the materials, my time, and a number of other items loosely defined as ‘overhead’.  Having once owned a small basket business, I’m well aware of the amount of money and work one must put into a business before the first dollar of profit is earned.  However, in this era of electronic media, things have changed.  This book, “The Handmade Marketplace” by Kari Chapin is a must-read for anyone wanting to break into this business by selling online.  This is your one-stop shopping trip for everything you need to know about the nuts and bolts of marketing and selling online in a global economy.  But, Chapin goes farther by including thorough descriptions and analyses of blogging, overhead, pricing, hiring staff, and all the other myriad things one needs to consider before taking the plunge into selling crochet wares.

Chapin has taken advantage of her wide network of real world and online experts she calls her ‘Creative Collective’.  These are experts in all areas of crafting as well as masters of online marketing tools.  This little ‘plain jane’ book is packed full of useful information that is a great read.  From business plans to inspirational quotes, Chapin covers every area of the crafting business from local craft fair to a full-out online store.  This book is a great investment for anyone considering selling online as well as others who have already launhced a business that isn’t doing as well as s/he’d like.


Storey Publishing, 2010

218 pages, all black and white, no photos (none needed)

soft back, about 6X8 inches

$14.95 USD list price

ISBN 9781603424776



  1. says

    I have this book and I love it. I second your recommendation!

    I made a rainbow afghan and, originally, I intended to sell it. While crocheting, I realized that I’d have to charge nearly $1,000 for it. So, instead, I gave it to my young adult daughter.

    I see that Sandra Juto has no trouble selling her afghans for $600+, but she has such a large fan base that I think that helps her, as opposed to an unknown person on Etsy.

  2. PixieLynx says

    Selling afghans for $1000 makes sense. If you consider how many people pay massive money for handmade quilts, a handmade afghan is the same. We just need more sellers to make this correlation. ;-} I plan on starting to sell my crochet and sewing creations and I plan on starting by charging labor, materials, and heart. I think I’m going to get this book!

  3. therlo says

    Well good luck to anyone who thinks they can list and sell a crocheted or knitted blanket for $1,000. God bless ya. I hope you do, I really do.

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