Crochet Lace Innovations by Doris Chan

I really wanted the picture of the cover of Doris Chan’s latest book to be large enough so you could see  the lovely lace design.  This is indicative of the beautiful designs Doris has created for us!  This same design also appears as a dress in the book.  There are 20 designs in this book, incorporating a variety of crochet techniques, including broomstick, hairpin, tunisian, and Doris’ signature exploded lace.

I have yet to give hairpin lace a serious try – but the cap sleeve vest pattern in this book makes me want to go for it!  Tunisian has become a well-used technique in my crochet repertoire, although I’m still painfully slow at it.  And the whole concept of using doily patterns to make full size garments is very enchanting.

This book contains a hairpin lace tutorial that is thorough and well illustrated.  Same for tunisian.  All the designs are shown in full color pictures with both text and schematics.  In addition, Doris gives a full page of ‘Tips for Success’ for each technique – sorta like having the designer right there with  you while you’re crocheting.

Yarns in this book tend to be natural fibers, wool and silk.  Color choices are both current and classic.  Project difficulty ranges from intermediate beginner to experienced crocheter.  Scarf patterns are great ‘beginner’ projects to give the technique a test drive.  Then, a more complex pattern follows to encourage the crocheter to stretch the limits.

While every garment crochet book contains scarves, cardigans, and skirts, you’ll look far and wide to find a scarf as visually complex as the Siona Stole on page 37.  It’s made in cream and Celery green bamboo wool in strips of hairpin lace.  The visual impact is simply stunning!

This book is definitely a keeper.


Potter Craft Books, 2010

144 pages

ISBN:  9780307463821

List price is $21.99 USD


  1. ronnieT says

    ooh…I so want this…need to work it into the budget. thanks for the review.

  2. orit says

    I have your book but i have some problem with the size also with the pattern. maybe somebudy can help me?
    I am doin”Bozina Dress” page 96
    Thanke You
    Orit cohen

  3. says

    Doris Chan has a blog but she has this posted there:
    I do not provide pattern support for my designs here on this blog. Please join me and the posse at, and post your questions on the forum dedicated to my designs, Doris Chan: Everyday Crochet. Thanks.

    So, I suggest you take your specific questions to There are so many helpful crocheters on their forums. I’m sure you’ll find the help you need there.

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