Even More Mini Trees

cro mini trees 2 1113

Rebecca sent me a link to her cute, cute miniature Christmas trees.  Aren’t they cute?  I love their fullness and the way she has embellished them with simple but effective ornamentation.  You can see how she accomplishes this on her blog where she shares a lot of information over the course of four blog articles.  I think she has definitely mastered this particular art!

These are small enough and easy enough that you can make some for your own use or for gifting.  They are small enough that they would look nice on a desk in the office.  She uses embroidery floss to attain the right proportion for her garlands.  Clever Rebecca!

cro cone tree 1113

And, for something even easier and faster but really cute and very ‘green’, cut up some old sweaters and make your own version of a mini tree.  The call for those styrofoam cones but you can easily do without.  Find some card stock or even cut up a gallon milk jug, creating a square or rectangle, for it into a cone shape, and staple it in place.  Voila!  You have the shaped ‘mold’ you need to recreate this clever craft.  Get the tutorial here.


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    I remember doing a beaded tree and a Santa standing right next to it. I took a Crewel Embroidery kit and replaced the yarn with beads. It came with a red embroidery hoop. I donated it to my daughter’s school. 3D effects on the beard, hat fur, and the tree. I loved working on it. That’s what these tiny trees remind me of!

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