For Those Dreary Days….



Fall in these parts is often gray and dreary, rainy and miserable.  I’m not a fan.  But, when I saw this scarf, I thought, ‘Here’s the cure for a dreary day!”  Caitlin has created this delightful pattern and offers it to us for free.  There is not downside here.  So, dig through your stash to find partial skeins of your bright rainbow colors and a skein of drab gray and get busy!  (And, what a great gift idea this would be!  Quick, easy, inexpensive.)

PS – While you’re at Caitlin’s site, check out her pattern weights.  They are the coolest!  Gotta make me some.


  1. Plummy Mummy says

    That’s really brill. I’d made the clouds fluffy white as we don’t like grey clouds around here!!!

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