Giveaway Winner (Times Three) Announced!!!

Here are the books that were offered for each Giveaway and the entry for each.  Congratulations to each winner – and thank you to all who entered.  There are some great links on a couple of the Giveaway Comments, so be sure to check back to those and see the wealth of wonderful crochet creativity (and often free patterns) that are offered on the internet.

Giveaway # 1 to win this book:

Susan O. entered this – I would love to have this book. 95123


Giveaway #2 to win this book:

Laura posted this winning entry:

JD, I don’t know if this giveaway is still active or not. You mentioned it still being open on one of the Yahoo groups, and it says at the end of the post that it will be open until the 30th, but at the top of the post it says it’s already closed. *shrugs* Here’s my entry, just in case it really is still open: is one of my favorite crossover patterns. My zip code is 32246. And thank you for all of the awesome giveaways!!

Giveaway #3 to win this book:


And, winner Dawn G. sent this entry.

I love 3d snowflakes. That’s from Laura at


This contest makes me think of this:

Dawn (19047)



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