We all need a way to corral our crochet hooks.  I have several hook holders at home.  Most fall into the broken handled mug category.  That is, the container was originally intended for some other use – coffee, tea, plants, pencils – but has been repurposed to hold my ever increasing collection of hooks.  This can get messy.  As I’m not an innately organized human being, I try to keep the hooks together when not in use – but that’s as far as I get.  They’re not organized by size, type, or anything else.  I just throw them all together in a container.

For travel, my favorite ‘container’ is a small zippered leather purse that efficiently holds a nice selection of hooks, small scissors, a Bates metal gauge tool, a small tape measure, and some safety pins or other stitch markers.  I have to dig thru this little thing to find the right hook, but it works for me.

What works for you?  Here are some ideas:

This one is for the ‘seriously organized’ crocheter who doesn’t overindulge his/her hook acquisition syndrome to the extent that we would need several of these to hold our collection:


This one is just inspired!  It’s not only practical, it’s also decorative.  Gives a whole new meaning to ‘crochet wall art’.  I want it!!


Then, there are the more traditional, if attractive, pouches.  Here’s one you can buy the pattern for at annies attic.  It’s really cute….


If you search for ‘crochet hook holders’, you’ll find nearly as many different styles as there are crocheters.  They can be crocheted, felted, machine or hand sewn, carpented (is that a word??), woven, molded (as in pottery), or scavenged – my preferred method.

I’ve got my favorite hook holders.  What’s yours?



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