Keeping Little Fingers Busy

Some friends of mine with younger kids were recently talking about the summer activities they were trying to figure out for their kids and about VBS (Vacation Bible School).  I offered the idea that finger crocheting would be a great activity to get kids started on.  It’s easy, can be worked with any size yarn, is both calming and addictive, and can use up tons of scraps.  They liked the idea but didn’t know the technique.  It’s so simple, so I’m offering some ideas here.

First, let’s clarify some terms.  Finger knitting and finger crochet are often thought to be the same thing.  They are not the same, but very similar, and you can accomplish the same goals with either technique.  I love this cool bracelet that would be popular for girls and boys alike.  Read more about this particular bracelet here.  You could easily add beads and/or charms to it, too.  I know a few moms who would love to receive a bracelet like this for Mother’s Day.  Just saying……..

Use these links for more information about both techniques, then to make it even easier to master them, check them out on

Finger Knitting

Finger Crocheting

Just to let you know, you may ‘create’ the ‘monster’ I did years ago with finger crocheting.  When son #2 was in about 5th grade, he started finger crocheting.  He did it whenever he was watching TV (not a great deal of that was allowed in our home).  He kept at it for several years, finally deciding he wanted to win the Guinness World Record for the longest row of finger knitting.  After several years of working on this ever-lengthening work of ‘art'(??), he shoved it to the back of his closet and forgot about it.  When we moved out of that house, I swear there must have been five miles of that stuff.  I didn’t actually measure it but I know it filled several large leaf bags and went right into the trash.  So, beware.  You, too, may start a kid on a very long yarn project.  LOL



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