Does your television get this show ‘Knitting Daily’?  Mine doesn’t.  So, when I saw these DVD’s, I jumped at the chance to see what I had been missing.

Well, seems like I was missing quite a lot.  The episodes are heavily knitting, but each one has a segment entitled ‘Crochet Corner’ with Kristen Omdahl.  From the beginning, Kristen starts with the basics of crochet.  From there, she moves to more complex crochet.

But, don’t overlook the knitting segments even if you’re not a knitter (which I’m not).  There is still useful information there for crocheters – information about yarns, about style and fit, about color.

I find the shows to be well produced and enjoyable.  Wish I got the TV show, but that’s not happening as I only have the most basic cable program.  So, instead, I’ll be relying on these satisfying DVD’s.


Interweave Press

ISBN: 9781596682542
Run Time: 5 hours, 48 minutes
4-DVD Set

List Price:  $39.99 USD


  1. Billie K says

    I do get this show and love it. I’ve tried to join the website several times, but never receive the verification email in my box or the spam box.


  2. says

    Hi Billie,

    Call us at Customer Support, 866/949-1646, between 8 and 5 MDT Mon-Thurs, 8 and 3 Fri. Your ISP may be blocking the confirmation email. We can “push” your account over to “approved” and then you’ll have access. If those aren’t convenient times to call, email us at

    Knitting Daily is shown on PBS stations, but each station decides if they will show it and when. If you want to have it in your area, call your local PBS station and let them know!

  3. Tammie says

    I get this show 1ce a week & love, love, love it!! Wish it was an hour show instead of 30 minutes. Also, adore host Eunny Jang–she’s awesome! Wish she would give beg knitting lessons like Kristen is doing for crochet. Eunny is so fast when she knits, even her
    slo-mo is too speedy for me to catch. Also, not knowing alot about knitting doesn’t help. Show is fab & I hope it continues! Thanks!

  4. Kathy says

    I’m not a fan I think they try and cram to much into one show and no one learns a thing. All the guests way to much for one show.
    Eunny is not my favorite as a teacher, I thought Needle arts with Shay had a better format and the guests really taught you something. Sorry I know you get only good feedback, But I would like to see longer segments and fewer Eunny spotlights. Let’s get some seasoned designers/knitters like Kathleen Sams back into the spotlight and please stop featuring mostly wool yarns can’t use them alergic. Thank you


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