Light And Lovely Spring Crochet

cro necklace 1213

I’ve seen necklaces like this before but have never seen instructions for creating one for myself.  I think this would be perfect for a special touch for Spring.  It would also be especially lovely to match a shawl or cap.  And, no, it’s not too early to think about Spring in the first weeks after Christmas and New Year!  This is the perfect time to evaluate your wardrobe and see where you might like to fill in some missing pieces or perk up some of those old outfits.

Shemi Dixon has created this particular necklace and offers her free pattern and tutorial here.  While she shows it in a ladder-type yarn, giving it an especially airy appearance, I think it would work well with other types of yarn also – especially ribbon types yarn.  I happen to have a single ball of a ‘shoelace’ type yarn that appears to have been tie-dyed.  I’m thinking this necklace would be a perfect use for that single skein of very pretty yarn.  It’s in pinks and blues so would look good with a pink tee shirt for me this Spring matched with a pair of jeans.


Thanks to Barb Grenier for offering these sites for obtaining the type of yarn used in this project:


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    It’s called ‘ladder yarn’ and has been widely available at stores like Joann and Michael’s. You might look online.

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