I have a new FAVORITE crochet magazine – Crochet Today! I have just purchased my third issue of this great, new mag. It’s full of wonderful patterns and great, full color photos. There is a wide variety of patterns, too. Not just garments or just toys or just potholders as so many of the other mags seem to be. There are several good crochet mags out there these days, but none as good as the defunct Crochet With Heart which seemed as diverse in its patterns as this newer Crochet Today!

Here’s a rundown of patterns in the current issue – Feb-Mar ’07. On the cover is a sweater vest which holds no appeal for me at all. However, inside are several patterns that I will surely make. First is a beautiful heart shaped doily called ‘Sweethearts’. It’s constructed a bit differently than other heart shapes I’ve seen. It’s shown in three different colors, all in size 10 thread.

The other ‘must’ make for me is the Swingy Coat. It’s a Chanel inspired, boxy design that suits my shape. I will omit the ‘add-ons’ (epaulette type motifs on the sleeves and side seams) for greater simplicity. The sweater looks simple enough to not make me hesitate to give it a try. It uses Red Heart ‘McIntosh’ yarn which I have yet to see in the stores. But, as is often the case, I will likely substitute with a similar weight yarn I have in my stash.

Other highlights include an article on ‘finishing techniques’, some book reviews, a scrumptious wave afghan that would be a good stashbuster, beaded pillows, a ‘blushing granny’ afghan, nifty ‘craft compartments’ which are felted hanging hook and notions holders, dishcloths made using a graphed heart design, a pretty pet collar, a stylish scarf made with ribbon yarn, ‘spring fever gloveletts’ finger less gloves in self striping yarn, a bolero jacket featuring a ribbon tie closure, a shell ‘kimono cardi’ with bell sleeves, an argyle afghan, a cabled purse, a ‘Springtime Trench’ which is really a belted sweater coat, a newsboy cap graded at the ‘easy’ level, some leg warmers, a ‘really cute romper’ made in microfiber, a ‘bathtime baby robe with ribbon tie closure in a nubby yarn, a ‘froggy hat’ fit for the cutest toddler, a zippered hoody for a young girl made in a self striping yarn, and finally, a cute, cuddly ‘pocket blankie’ in pastels. the pocket holds a cute teddy bear (pattern included). A real plus is that there are pictures of all the projects inside the back cover for easy indexing.

Another plus is that many of the patterns picture swatches in the same yarn in different colors so you could have a preview that might suit your tastes better than the main one depicted. Negatives? The yarn type is never given – only the name of the yarn. We all know that some of the yarns are no longer in production by the time the patterns are printed. It would be most helpful for the publisher to simply note the weight of the yarn used. Would save us all a lot of hassle trying to figure it out down the line.

Today, I met with Ronnie Titus so she could help me (as usual) with a pattern from Doris Chan’s wonderful “Amazing Lace” book of exploded doily designs. It’s such a delicious book. However, I have the same complaint about this book. Only yarn names are given – never the size of the yarn. I’ll touch more on this in future when I write on my Pet Peeves in Crochet.

Here’s a link to the Crochet Today! magazine. It seems as if this issue was geared to Valentine’s Day but it didn’t appear on my local newsstands til well after Feb. 14. I’ll forgive them that since I love the heart shape and will use it all year long.


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    Hi jd, great review. I agree. My next project will be the glovelettes in this issue. After that will be the bathtime baby robe, for my niece’s new baby, that my friend Susan Haviland designed. I already wrote the editor to say that I wish this magazine had been around when I was a beginning crocheter in the ’70’s.

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    I love read this. Coz I cant have this mag in Indo these days…

    Fyi, JD your web cant look if they dont open with firefox.. It looks dark. Week ago its ok open with anything….

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    I also enjoy Crochet Today magazine. There was a triangle motif bag in a earlier issue, although i didn’t make the bag, I did use the technique to sew the motifs together…..never tried that technique before.

    In the latest issue, I making the Posh Purse (haven’t added the zipper, and handle yet), what interested me was the stitch, very unusual. I was also surprised to see what type of yarn was used……and how little of it was needed to make the purse.

    I’m not a big fan of sewing, but it looks like I’ll have to break down and add the zipper. now for the handles…….well, we’ll worry about that another day.

  4. Lara Loewl says

    Did you ever do the pocket blankie pattern? I can’t seem to make it work out right. (Not a problem I usually have.) I checked for corrections and none were noted for this pattern. Just wondering.Thanks.

  5. Brenda says

    I found the pocket blankie pattern on one of the free pattern slips at the store. I have begun the blanket, and now I have lost the slip. Is there a way to get the pattern again?

  6. Cathy says

    I found a Crochet Today! magazine dated nov/dec ’08. In the back is a pattern for a RELAXED CARDI by Susan Haviland which was being used as a demonstration for an article titled “How to read crochet pattern.” I would like to make this sweater but it is printed so small and when reading through it I find I can’t quite figure it out (because the print is so small?). Is there anywhere I can find this pattern?

  7. says

    Do you know who the designer of the Relaxed Cardi is? There are so many crochet designers online now that you may be able to contact the designer by email to get more information. Another idea is to get an inexpensive page magnifier. These are 8.5X11 inch sheets that magnify only about 2X or 3X. If you have access to a printer, most of them have an enlarge feature. Take the magazine to a library or print shop and ask them to enlarge and print for you. Since this is for personal use only, there is no copyright issue. The cost at my library is about 10 cents per page (black and white) and at a print shop the cost may be as much as $1 per page – but probably closer to 25 cents in black and white.


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