More Beginner Crochet – Perfect For The Season

cro boot cuffs 0114

These super simple Boot Cuffs are made with the same Wool-Ese Thick and Quick yarn I used to make my husband’scu stom fitted cap.  I really love the stuff.  It’s soft, comes in a great array of colors, and is well priced.  It’s also pretty perfect for a beginner project.

Amy Latta has designed these Boot Cuffs with the beginner in mind – but also the fashion conscious.  These are hot, hot, hot in my area right now where it is cold, cold, cold.  They take even a fairly humble pair of fashion boots and give them a classy look.  The color she has chosen to pair with her brown boots is a good one also because it doesn’t visually chop the legs off anyone who isn’t 6 feet tall.  Those of us who are shorter have to keep that in mind.  For the taller gals, colors that provide more contrast would be fun.  I’d love to see those!  Also, the buttons chosen for accent are key to a great design.  If you’ve been saving two special buttons in your stash, this might be the time to use them.  Otherwise, gold or silver toned buttons are classic and add a nice touch.

You can see Amy’s pattern and tutorial on her blog.

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