ONE FOR MOM (or yourself)

Do you know that I love felting?  Well, I do.  There is something about the entire process of turning wool yarn into a piece of fabric that needs no hemming, won’t fray, can be cut and sewn (or glued) into any number of items that really appeals to me.

This little project would make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day – or as a little treat for yourself.  It’s so simple and charming that I plan to make several!  The free pattern is available here .

Also, for an especially handy and inexpensive pair of scissors, look into the Fiskars school scissors.  They are very sharp and have a blunt safety point, making them safe and useful for the crocheter of any needleartist.  Here’s what they look like.

Fiskars 5 inch school scissors

You can find them for $2 or less at Target and similar stores.

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