cro tunisian class 0614


Dora Ohrenstein, an accomplished and well traveled crochet artist, is offering a wonderful course on Craftsy that will have us all mastering Tunisian crochet.  In this class (actually a series of classes all for one price), Dora takes us â?¦

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cro stitch a day 0614


Are you familiar with the website that offers a newsletter to teach you a new stitch every day?  Often, these are not technically ‘stitches’.  As in this case, it’s a motif rather than a single stitch.  Still, it’s a â?¦

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cro orange bracelet 0614


For beginning crocheters or for those who are interested in learning out wonderful craft, I have gathered a number of facts that might be helpful.

1. Unlike knitting, crochet can never be done on a machine!  All crochet is â?¦

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cro july 4 cloth 0614

So, if you’re fortunate, you might find yourself sitting around a campfire, picnic table, pool, or family room, thinking of a small project to crochet.  Here you go!  Four free, quick patterns that, of course, can be worked up in â?¦

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cro beach cover 0614

I love this beach cover up that Ellen over at the Chilly Dog has created.  She used a readily available cotton yarn but I would prefer a cotton blend for a number of reasons.  My experience with cotton worsted yarn â?¦

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cro strawberry lace 0614If you have never tried a project that does not begin with a foundation chain, this one would be a good place to start.  It’s such a pretty strawberry motif and could easily be adapted to an afghan of any â?¦

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cro saved life pic 0614

I’m turning over the crochet reigns today to Kathryn Vercillo so she can give us good information about her latest survey.  Please feel free to respond to her here and to go to her site (linked below) to participate in â?¦

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cro monster bag 0614

The stated purpose of these monstrously cute bags is to hold plastic bags.  I’m sure they do that really well.  But, when I look at them, I see a great way to have little ones stash their PJ’s neatly every â?¦

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cro rainbow doll 0614What tot wouldn’t love to get her hands on this adorable Rachael Doll?  I think it’s totally cute.  Beatrice Ryan offers a free pattern for this cutie as well as other free patterns and tips on her blog.  You’ll â?¦

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cro slipper button 0614

Are you familiar with  If not, you gotta get yourself over there to see all the crochet and other crafty goodies they have.  These slippers are one of the newer offerings.  I receive their occasional email updates â?¦

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cro floral necklace 0614

My friend, Sweet Sheri, sent me a link to this pattern, calling it a summer scarf rather than the ‘Floral Necklace’ that Red Heart identifies it as on their free pattern site.

It’s not something I would wear for â?¦

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cro motif dress 0614

In that serendipitous way one discovers amazing finds on the internet while looking for something entirely different, I found this totally amazing dress that is accompanied with not a pattern, but the method by which its designer created it.  This â?¦

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How adorable are these baby sandal crochet pattern? There are step by step instructions and the pattern is simple itself.

I love the little button but I wonder how practical these are?

Want to find out more? Click here: Adorable â?¦

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Here are two cute and quick ideas for July 4.  Of course, you can change the color and use the patterns for other occasions too!

This is a ReWind article – to save my sanity.  I’ve posted the â?¦

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cro earrings 0514

Maya Kuzman always has cute ideas – and this one is perfect for me.  These quick and easy earrings would make perfect gifts for a variety of occasions.  Work some up in Christmas colors for stocking stuffers.  Make them in â?¦

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