Here’s a little number that I worked up for the only grandchild of a dear friend. I wanted her to look like a butterfly princess on her first birthday. The poncho is a simple two rectangle version made with RH worsted weight yarn sewed together to create the poncho. (The rectangles are approximately 12 inches X 22 inches. DC, ch 2, DC.) I edged it in some LionBrand Homespun I had on hand to make it appear as if it were fluttering. The larger scale Homespun created a nice fluffy effect for the edging. Then I freeformed a pretty butterfly for the front and added two yarns for emphasis. I also created a tiny hair clip with a single strand of all three yarns for her hair. I’ll try to post a pic of the little princess wearing it on her first birthday next month. I think the poncho looks really large in this pic. But, Peytan is half her mom’s height (mom is 5 ft tall) at 11 months. She’ll grow into it even if it’s a bit large now. It’s too cold to wear it outside in the St. Louis area now anyway. Her birthday is in March and she’s VERY prissy, so I think she may enjoy wearing this.

Tell me what you think, please.


  1. says

    not really a pattern, jenice. but you can make it easily. the stitch pattern is DC, ch 2, DC. make a starting chain for the width of your rectangle. mine was to be for a size 2 toddler so approx 12 X 24 inches. just work the stitch pattern til you have the size you want. then make another one just like it. join the rectangles to make a poncho like this:
    ________ ___
    ________] ]
    ] ]
    ] ]
    ] ]
    then swing the bottom of the ] section around and sew to the only other open end. you can sew the rectangles together or crochet them or whatever. you can make the join invisible or make it a design element. then fringe or edge as you like. add other adornments. mine was red heart worsted weight acrylic.

  2. Chayah says

    Jd, I like your butterfly poncho very much. I would like to make one for my little cousin, who is 6. I just have to figure out how to enlarge the pattern. Thanks for sharing this, warmly, Chayah in NY

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