PUT THIS ONE ON YOUR WISH LIST….first in a series of “gimme’s”

We all need to be thinking about goodies to put on our Wish List.  You know – that list you put on the refrigerator door so everyone who is supposed to give you a gift will know what you want, NEED, gotta have!  This is not a list of items that includes vacuum cleaner bags, potato peelers, or car wash coupons.  This is the GOOD STUFF.  Well, I have a great one for you.


Ok, I’m just practical enough that I chose the design that will also work as a tape measure for me.  But, there are cuter patterns that you can choose for this very useful tool.  It’s a sort of strip magnet that fits over your book or magazine to mark your place in the pattern.  Each kit retails for $15 and contains three different sized ‘Pattern Tamers’.

The practicality of this goodie means that you can really ‘sell’ it as something you absolutely REQUIRE to accomplish the very best in crochet.  Right?  I mean, using a pin or paper clip to mark your spot (and disfigure your pattern), folding the page down, rubberbands – all these are very inefficient and inadequate methods of keeping your place in a pattern.  Since no craftsperson can effectively complete a worthy project without a good set of tools, you MUST have Pattern Tamers in your toolbox.  See my logic…….?

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