Quick! Make A Pile Of These!

I like to get a jump on holiday gifts, so finding a free, cute pattern like this one really puts me in the mood to make a stack of them to have on hand.  This crocheter lined up her colors very well to create a matching pair.  I’m not such a perfectionist and would probably have settled for a less perfect match.  I have made fingerless mitts with all kinds of yarns.  I have found that one 50 gm skein of sock yarn will make a pair.  Of course, you can use up lots of scraps by making them with stripes of yarn from different orphan skeins.  The best thing, tho’, is that making these is a great summer project.  They are portable and don’t take up one’s entire lap thus they can be as cool to work with as thread for doilies, my typical hot weather crochet project.

This pattern is pretty feminine.  There are plenty of other, similar patterns that would work better for a man or boy.  My grand nephew loved a pair I made for him when he was nine.  Working them up in school colors, team colors, or just favorite colors would be a hit.  So, pull out your odd skeins of yarn and get a head start on your holiday gifts.


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