Oh, how I love a twofer idea.  Re-use, recycle, upcycle, repurpose – all are especially wonderful to me when they involve crochet.  When I ran across this one, it spoke to me.  My thrifty husband saves all our produce bags and I need to find some uses for them.  To use one as a disposable scrubby before, I’ve simply scrunched an entire onion bag wadded up in my hand and gone at the barbecue grill with it.  Works as well as anything I can buy.  But, it’s not handy.  It’s not easy to hold.  This designers mind works better than mine does!  She saw a produce bag and saw a crocheted scrubby.  And, she created a tutorial for the rest of us who aren’t as smart or crafty as she is.  So, here it is.  What could be simpler?  Make some! click on this to see other views, the tutorial, and the pattern.

And to see a beautiful shawl pattern, and other things, that she made as gifts, check this page on her blog.



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