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The crochet news is that crochet is rocking the fashion world – all over the world.  This article is from India where the picture here originates.  So, it isn’t just afghans and baby things – as all of us crocheters already knew.  Now, crochet is front page news in the world of fashion.

In India, the traditional garb for a woman is a sari – that one piece silk (traditionally) or more recently fabrics like polyester are wrapped around the female frame and cover all but the midriff.  Another traditional garb gaining greater acceptance, especially with more women entering the workforce, is the salwaar kamise, a tunic over very full pants tucked close at the ankles.  Both of these garments are cleverly designed to avoid the need for a new wardrobe for weight gain or loss or even pregnancy.  Only a very tall or very short woman will have any trouble buying a sari ‘off the rack’.  The shorter woman must simply tuck way more fabric into the waistband of her petticoat while the very tall woman is forced to purchase a length of edging and add it to the bottom edge of her sari so that it properly covers her legs right to her ankle.

Crochet is widely used in India to crochet scarves and useful, practical things for the household.  Very much like in the rest of the world.  In northern India where winters are cold, afghans and wool socks will be worked up.  But, in the very humid, tropical southern no such extra layers will ever be needed except for the occasional evening shawl or scarf.

A recent trend in India is using the myriad plastic shopping bags that would otherwise fill trash heaps and blow around streets to

create useful items like mats, totes, and slippers (sandals).  These are virtually indestructible and really contribute to the ‘greening’ of major cities as well as very small villages.  Plastic shopping bags are a scourge that are being banned in India as they are elsewhere.  Until then, unemployed women will take advantage of the detritus to make something useful and attractive to sell for a few rupees.

So, when you pick up your crochet hook and yarn of your choice, know that you are connected to women all over the world (and to some men too) who share our love of crochet and turn mundane materials into useful, attractive items.  Small world, huh?



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