The blog known as SIBOL has won literally every award to honor a crochet blog – and for good reason!  The site is full of eye candy, most of it in the form of squares and afghans.  Squares are sent to the organization that joins them into stunning afghans that are auctioned for charity.  And, some dandy afghans these are!  Here’s an example of the afghan currently being auctioned on Ebay to make money for breast cancer research.

While there are no patterns on the SIBOL blog, there is plenty of inspiration.  I love the landscape squares they are gathering, shown with photos of the physical location they represent.  This is a fine example of the kind of creativity common among crocheters the world over – not to mention the generosity of said crocheters.

So, take a gander at the wonderful photos on the SIBOL blog by clicking here .  And in case you’re wondering, SIBOL is an acronym for Sunshine International Blankets of Love – and lovely they are!


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    Very inspiring indeed! And do you know the word “sibol” in our language means “to spring forth” or “blossom”? How apt!

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    I love it when we come upon something serendipitous like a name that means several things – all good. Thanks for sharing. In what language does Sibol mean to blossom?

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