Simple Beginner Crochet

cro 3 strand 0114

For the beginning crocheter who knows only how to hold a crochet hook and chain a few, this is a cute, simple project that will please anyone from a child to adult.  Pick your three favorite colors of yarn, grab your hook, and use the free instructions here to craft a striking headband for yourself.

cro simple mitts 0114

Even a rank beginner who knows only one stitch, in this case my personal favorite half double crochet, can work up a pair of these fingerless mitts in an evening.  They super simple, cuddly warm, and very trendy.  Embellish them with a pretty button or two to add an extra touch.  People will think you’re a pro.  You can find this free pattern on the LionBrand site along with hundreds (maybe thousands) of other free patterns.

There are some other ideas for beginners that assure success.  One is to pick a stitch you like or have just learned and work a face cloth using only that stitch.  Edge it in a different color for an extra touch.  Scarves are always popular and work up quickly.  Using only one or two stitches can create a lovely scarf.  Pick a yarn that isn’t fussy (no mohair or boucle for your first few projects), a yarn of suitable size (check the wrapper on the yarn for the suggested hook size), chain the length you want the scarf to be, and get busy.  Save the fancy stuff for later when you’ve gained confidence in your own skills and your ability, perhaps, to read a pattern.

Nothing succeeds like success in crochet.  Success = a finished project.  Crochet is very forgiving, so you can rip out (or frog it as we say) some or all of an unsuccessful project and have lost nothing but a little time.  Us that yarn over and over until you get it right.  If a project seems too stiff or tight for you, change to a larger hook.  If the stitch pattern seems too loopy or open, change to a smaller hook.  Practice to gain the right tension and before you realize it, you’ll be a bonafide crocheter!

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