Simple Crocheting

Erika Knight uses 20 projects in her new book, Simple Crocheting, to guide new and intermediate crocheters through the process of creating projects that are less complicated than one might expect from this accomplished designer.  But, what might ‘simple’ mean?  Don’t jump to conclusions!  One of the simple skills you’ll master using this book is the insertion of a zipper into a crochet project.  Most people consider this an advanced skill.  Knight breaks it down so that in one paragraph, almost anyone can successfully sew a zipper into crocheted fabric.  Really!

The 20 projects in this book range from the basic dishcloth to slipper boots, a contemporary clutch, a triangle scarf, square motifs, an asymmetrical cardigan to a lovely scarf created from and edging pattern.  The projects use a range of readily available yarns and are accompanied by graphs when appropriate and notes called Masterclass which indicate how adaptations of each pattern can be made.

The soft tones in this book, enhanced by the pale-toned photography, are very enticing.  The slippered boots and the bejewelled brooches are two patterns that made their way immediately to my To-Do List!

Book Specs:

St Martin Press, June, 2012

144 pages, 8.5X11 soft cover with satin (peanut butter and jelly proof!) finish binding


$24.99 USD



  1. Susan Parker says

    Zip code first so I won’t forget! vbg
    This book looks interesting. I checked it out on Amazon but they really only showed 2 projects. I certainly liked the colors, very relaxing to look at.

  2. lee ann beausejour says

    Sounds fantastic. If I could learn how to put a zipper in then I would consider myself almost a master of the craft-notice I said ‘almost’!

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